My unforgettable swedish driving exam

12 Nov 2012

I live in Sweden. I have driving license, which in Sweden is called körkort, for already 5 years. I remember the time when I was passing my driving exam with good memories. I had very nice driving teacher. His name was Marc. He was 5 years older then me. I was waiting for my driving lesson impatiently because we were joking and laughing all the time together. Apart from funny mood, Marc was also very good teacher. He was calm in every situation. To my mind, it is the most important steak for the driving instructor.

I don’t remember exactly how much lessons I took from Marc. It was about 25 lessons. It is quite a lot, but the problem was that I wasn’t confident on the road. I knew all road signs, but still it was hard to react fast. Someone says it is because I am blond hair girl, but I disagree. I just wanted to be 100% sure and confident before taking my körkort exam. Marc said that I am ready, but I insisted on extra lessons. My friends say, that I was in love with Marc, that’s why I wanted to take more and more lessons, but it is not true. We were just friends.

Well, finally I went to pass exams. Theoretical exam (körkortsfrågor) was a piece of cake for me. I passed it from the first attempt. Then I went to pass driving. I was very nervous. My body was trembling with fear wen I was waiting for my turn. When I sat into car I relaxed a little, because I understood, that I can drive well and there is nothing to be afraid of. Driving part was also passed successfully. I was just one last step far from my körkort. It was Risk 2 exam, which tests ability to drive into inclement weather. I was driving on ice and suddenly I needed to make turn. I pushed brake pedal and car started rotating. Oh my God, I was so scared! Then I was asked to go that route again and pass that unlucky turn. Fortunately I did everything correctly and turned without rotating. Yohoooo! I got my körkort!

Upgrading invoicing software

10 Aug 2012

You have bought invoicing software. As it is advised you have chosen the simplest one. I did exactly the same. And now I feel that it is not enough with just basic options. I decided to upgrade my software. And I can tell you about all that useful and unnecessary features, which invoicing software provide.

I started my upgrade with buying inventory module for my software. Maybe you will not need it, but I have to manage warehouse, so electronic inventory is the only proper solution for me. I can conclude that inventory module cooperates with the invoicing software very good. All products are synchronized, so all the changes I discover while making inventory immediately appear in the software. When I make an invoice I can see how many products I have in stock. So if you make inventory regularly and it is hard to manage it manually, then don’t think and buy inventory module.

One interesting and actually necessary feature for improving cash flow is reminders. Reminders are aimed at customers that don’t pay in time or don’t pay at all. Invoicing software helps you to deal with this problem. You can set the period of time when reminder will be sent out automatically. If customer doesn’t pay after receiving a reminder, he will receive another reminder after some time. As I noticed this actually helps.

Besides reminders, invoicing software provides features such as credit notes and offers (estimates). These are just variation of the invoice. Credit note is an invoice with the minus sign. And offer could be sent to a customer as a potential order. If customer will approve that offer, it could be converted to an invoice right in the invoicing software.

Invoicing software usually provide nice invoice templates. But sometimes templates don’t meet all you requirements. There is a solution of the problem – some invoicing programs offer you to customize templates by yourself.

This feature will be topical for everyone who wants to analyze the work of the company. Find software that will create financial, sales or inventory reports. Reports look good and graphically show you how you are doing. You can notice some bad trends and improve the situation timely.

Invoicing software cares about your mood and provides different skins also. It is totally unnecessary feature, but it relaxes you during the working day. Now you see different way to improve your program. Choose something you want to try and get it right now!

Compulsory basic training

2 Jan 2011

Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory basic training is demanded when you want to practice moped or motorcycle riding. The purpose of compulsory basic training is to increase safe driving and to reduce number of road accidents. This rule is valid already for last 20 years and according to traffic statistics it was wise decision by Driving Standards Agency. The learner should have completed the certificate of compulsory basic training before he or she is allowed to ride on the road with L-plates or D-plates in Wales.

You can get compulsory basic training certificate when you have taken compulsory basic training course which consists of five elements: introduction, practical on-site training, practical on-site riding, practical on-road training, practical on-road riding. All these five elements have to be completed in sequence, although the order of the exercises within the element can be varied. You will move on to the next element when your instructor is satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe basic level.

Day before driving test

25 Dec 2010

Day before driving testDay before driving test is important to spend calm. Don’t even try to grasp new information as much as possible, this won’t help! This type of approach can be dangerous because you will be overtired and unlikely to perform well. Better take time for little repetition!

We do not recommend to drink alcohol the day before your driving test. If you do drink you can’t ensure you are feeling as good as possible on the day of the driving test.

Try to relax – listen music, watch movie or TV, spend time with your family. If you have problems to fall asleep, go for walk or take a bath. It will help you to calm down. Good night sleep is critical to ensure you are feeling as good as possible on the day of the driving test.

Driving theory practice

19 Dec 2010

Practice theory testDriving theory practice is essential for successful pass of theory test. You practice in several ways:

1. Driving school theory lessons (not compulsory if you know you will be able to study independently).

2. Read Highway Code (available in book stores and download for free in internet).

3. Practice theory test questions. Don’t be a boob and don’t believe to the sites promising access to all DSA theory test questions 2011 free of charge. It is just not possible because it is regulated by Copy Right agreement between DSA and this site. You can practice also offline by buying book or CD with theory test questions but in this case rarely you will access all the latest DSA theory test questions. It simply takes time to design a book, to print it in publishing house and to deliver it to shops, the same with CD. The fastest way to offer updated theory test questions is to provide them accessible online.

4. Practice driving test in order to be able to pass hazard perception section of the theory test.

Driving theory mock test

15 Dec 2010

Theory test questionsDriving theory mock test is part of DSA theory test. Mock test includes multiple choice questions and case study questions. It is something you can learn if you carefully read and study Highway Code and practice driving with your instructor. It is important you have got already comfortable feeling while practicing driving before you apply for DSA theory test. Because theory test consists not only of the mock test but also of an hazard test. If you don’t feel good as a driver it is too early to pass hazard perception test because it tests your reaction, awareness of hazardous situations and road skills.

Multiple choice questions are questions which offer you the possible alternatives of answers. It is always stated how many answers you should mark. There could be questions, where just one answer is correct as well as questions where four answers are correct.

Case study questions are based on a particular road situation and then the following questions are based on the same case study. Again, questions are with multiple choice answers.

Driving license procedure

9 Dec 2010

Car keyDriving license getting is full of applications, studies, practice as well as legal requirements. We here try to help you orientate in this process called as a way to your driving license.

1. Reach the necessary age required in Uk to become as car driver or motorcycle (3 months to your 17th birthday) or moped rider (16 years old).

2. Apply for your provisional license.

3. Study driving theory.

4. Get your CBT (compulsory basic training) certificate if needed (moped and motorcycle)

5. Practice driving.

6. Pass DSA driving theory test.

7. Pass DSA driving test.

8. Notify DVLA to get the full driving license.

9. To become safe driver and enhance your confidence practice Pass Plus.

Official DSA Pass Plus

2 Dec 2010

Pass PlusPass Plus increase safety on the roads and safe driving. Therefore Driving Standard Agency in cooperation with motor insurance and driving instruction industries have organized this special Pass Plus program. We here have devoted couple of posts to safe driving and Pass Plus just to assist DSA and promote safety on the roads.

After taking Pass Plus program you should pass Pass Plus test. We offer you official DSA video to test are you ready for your Pass Plus test as well as to help you to prepare for your test day and become a safe driver.

Pass Plus

29 Nov 2010

Pass PlusPass Plus is special program designated to ensure safe driving. The audience of Pass Plus is newly qualified drivers who would like to improve their driving skills and to get discount for motor insurance. The Pass Plus program reduces the chances for new drivers  of being involved in a traffic accident. According to UK statistics newly qualified drivers are involved in accidents most often in comparison to experienced drivers. During Pass Plus program you will learn to drive confidently and safely on several kinds of roads and in any conditions of daylight as well as in any weather conditions.

Pass Plus program is offered by driving schools as well as by individual driving instructors (or ADI – approved driving instructors).

Safe driving distance

22 Nov 2010

Safe driving distanceSafe driving as discussed in previous posts is important and keeping a safe driving distance is one of components of safe driving.

There is so called “three-second rule” which helps you to determine safe distance from the car ahead of you.

Of course, first, the distance changes at different speeds. To determine the safe driving distance, first select a fixed object on the road ahead such as a sign, tree or overpass. When the vehicle ahead of you passes the object, slowly count “one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand.” If you reach the object before completing the count, you’re following too closely. Make sure there are three seconds between you and the car ahead gives you time and distance to respond to problems in the lane ahead of you.

Second, the distance changes at different weather conditions and daylight. In night or when it is rainy or foggy, the three-second-rule should be doubled to the six-second-rule.

Three-Second Rule Safe Interval Should Be: 3 seconds 6 seconds
Speed Distance Traveled For These Conditions: Good Marginal
25 m.p.h. 37 ft. per second 111 ft. 222 ft.
35 m.p.h. 52 ft. per second 166 ft. 312 ft.
45 m.p.h. 66 ft. per second 198 ft. 396 ft.
55 m.p.h. 81 ft. per second 243ft. 486 ft.
65 m.p.h. 96 ft. per second 288 ft. 576 ft.
75 m.p.h. 111 ft. per second 333 ft. 666 ft.
Safe Following Distance in Feet

Safe driving course

18 Nov 2010

Safe driving courseSafe driving could be also learned in special safe driving course. That kind of courses are offered by driving schools or individual driving instructors. During safe driving course you will learn to read the road environment and recognize potential risks as well as to avoid these potential accidents.

Safe driving tips

15 Nov 2010

Safe driving tipsSafe driving as discussed is very important for everybody. According to UK statistics every 18 seconds someone is involved in an auto accident and every 11 minutes someone dies. Therefore we here provide some tips which probably (we hope) could enhance your safe driving skills and traffic knowledge as well as your safety on the road.

1. Be attentive at intersections, it is a danger zone because there are a lot of distractions, for example, turning cars, pedestrians and red-light runners.

2.Steer clear of erratic and aggressive drivers. Let them pass you.

3. Keep your eyes on the road. Talking on a cell phone, eating or reading a map can disturb you and lead to an accident. Don’t forget that also driver next to you can be disturbed by reading a map or texting.

4. Be cautious near parked vehicles. Someone could open a door or start to drive unexpectedly.

5. Don’t drive when you are tired or want to sleep. Better stop the vehicle and take some rest and drink coffee. Remember that sleep is a biological need.

6. When passing another car, get past the driver’s blind spot as fast and safe as possible.

7. Know your vehicle’s brakes. Most of vehicles have anti-lock brakes. In this case driver need to press the pedal firmly and continuously.

8. If you should drive in windy or even stormy weather, very carefully observe distance between you and the vehicle ahead. It is even recommended to enhance distance in comparison to normal weather conditions.

9. If it is possible do not drive through water because water can disable your vehicle’s motor in a few seconds. If it is not possible to avoid driving in water, do it at small speed (the second speed if driving manual car) and drive very slowly and carefully to escape spatter.

10. Observe Highway Code. For example, don’t forget so basic things as seat belt and door locking.

Safe driving/

7 Nov 2010

Traffic in UKSafe driving is essential for you and for other traffic members. It could save lives and painful emotions. Therefore be careful and do not over exaggerate your capabilities and skills, pay great attention to theory test practice and learn Highway Code carefully.

The fact you have obtained driving license doesn’t change anything because new drivers are more often involved in accidents than experienced drivers. Especially traffic accidents are likely to happen during the first months after passing a driving test. It has been proven that drivers who have taken have taken hazard perception training have much better road and hazard perception skills.

Hazard perception test is one part of DSA theory test. If you practice carefully you can learn all hazards in clips you will be showed in official DSA test but it doesn’t mean at all that you will be able to react appropriate and manage hazardous situation on the road. It just mean you have learned and memorized the specific clips. Due to this we congratulate DSA decision not to provide access to theory test questions and hazard perception tests for learners. We consider it as a great step for safe driving provision.

Provisional license

1 Nov 2010

Learner image Provisional license is the first step on your way to the driving license. Next step is sto find your instructor. Be sure you observe all the following rules:

  • Practical driving lessons should be accompanied by driver who is over 21 and holds respective driving license at least for 3 years.
  • Any vehicle you drive is roadworthy and properly insured and taxed.
  • The vehicle you are driving should have ‘L’ plates in a conspicuous position on the front and rear of the vehicle you are driving.

How I decided to offer my customers PayPal gateway/

23 Oct 2010

I’m using billing program for almost two years. I have only positive feedback. The program helps me to run my business. Now I can’t even imagine my work without invoice manager. I’m always trying to upgrade everyday working processes, so I’m looking for new business solutions. That’s why I decided to get my customers an opportunity to pay not just with internet bank, but also using PayPal. I have changed my billing software to a new one called Invoiceor (

This decision is not just my wish. I carefully discovered my customer’s needs. I asked them to leave small feedback note about my company, which showed me fields that need to be improved. One of the features they wanted to see was PayPal payment gateway.

When I buy something in the internet I always choose paying via PayPal if this option is provided. I find it very easy and fast, so I wanted to simplify payment system for my customers also. Actually I simplified everyday work for me also. Payments from the internet bank are registered into billing software manually. Payments that are made via PayPal are registered automatically. Invoice status is immediately changing. I don’t need to do it manually. If you are searching for invoicing program, find out if it supports PayPal gateway, like Invoiceor.

Now I wish all of my customers used PayPal. But I can’t force them to do it. I hope that in future all people will be advanced enough and will have PayPal accounts. Of course invoicing program is advanced business solution in itself. But technologies are being developed all the time. Sometimes it is hard to catch up with them. But I’m trying and it helps my business to be up-to-date.

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