Theory test questionsDriving theory mock test is part of DSA theory test. Mock test includes multiple choice questions and case study questions. It is something you can learn if you carefully read and study Highway Code and practice driving with your instructor. It is important you have got already comfortable feeling while practicing driving before you apply for DSA theory test. Because theory test consists not only of the mock test but also of an hazard test. If you don’t feel good as a driver it is too early to pass hazard perception test because it tests your reaction, awareness of hazardous situations and road skills.

Multiple choice questions are questions which offer you the possible alternatives of answers. It is always stated how many answers you should mark. There could be questions, where just one answer is correct as well as questions where four answers are correct.

Case study questions are based on a particular road situation and then the following questions are based on the same case study. Again, questions are with multiple choice answers.

15 Dec 2010