Practice theory testDriving theory practice is essential for successful pass of theory test. You practice in several ways:

1. Driving school theory lessons (not compulsory if you know you will be able to study independently).

2. Read Highway Code (available in book stores and download for free in internet).

3. Practice theory test questions. Don’t be a boob and don’t believe to the sites promising access to all DSA theory test questions 2011 free of charge. It is just not possible because it is regulated by Copy Right agreement between DSA and this site. You can practice also offline by buying book or CD with theory test questions but in this case rarely you will access all the latest DSA theory test questions. It simply takes time to design a book, to print it in publishing house and to deliver it to shops, the same with CD. The fastest way to offer updated theory test questions is to provide them accessible online.

4. Practice driving test in order to be able to pass hazard perception section of the theory test.

19 Dec 2010