I’m using billing program for almost two years. I have only positive feedback. The program helps me to run my business. Now I can’t even imagine my work without invoice manager. I’m always trying to upgrade everyday working processes, so I’m looking for new business solutions. That’s why I decided to get my customers an opportunity to pay not just with internet bank, but also using PayPal. I have changed my billing software to a new one called Invoiceor (www.invoiceor.com).

This decision is not just my wish. I carefully discovered my customer’s needs. I asked them to leave small feedback note about my company, which showed me fields that need to be improved. One of the features they wanted to see was PayPal payment gateway.

When I buy something in the internet I always choose paying via PayPal if this option is provided. I find it very easy and fast, so I wanted to simplify payment system for my customers also. Actually I simplified everyday work for me also. Payments from the internet bank are registered into billing software manually. Payments that are made via PayPal are registered automatically. Invoice status is immediately changing. I don’t need to do it manually. If you are searching for invoicing program, find out if it supports PayPal gateway, like Invoiceor.

Now I wish all of my customers used PayPal. But I can’t force them to do it. I hope that in future all people will be advanced enough and will have PayPal accounts. Of course invoicing program is advanced business solution in itself. But technologies are being developed all the time. Sometimes it is hard to catch up with them. But I’m trying and it helps my business to be up-to-date.

23 Oct 2010