I live in Sweden. I have driving license, which in Sweden is called körkort, for already 5 years. I remember the time when I was passing my driving exam with good memories. I had very nice driving teacher. His name was Marc. He was 5 years older then me. I was waiting for my driving lesson impatiently because we were joking and laughing all the time together. Apart from funny mood, Marc was also very good teacher. He was calm in every situation. To my mind, it is the most important steak for the driving instructor.

I don’t remember exactly how much lessons I took from Marc. It was about 25 lessons. It is quite a lot, but the problem was that I wasn’t confident on the road. I knew all road signs, but still it was hard to react fast. Someone says it is because I am blond hair girl, but I disagree. I just wanted to be 100% sure and confident before taking my körkort exam. Marc said that I am ready, but I insisted on extra lessons. My friends say, that I was in love with Marc, that’s why I wanted to take more and more lessons, but it is not true. We were just friends.

Well, finally I went to pass exams. Theoretical exam (körkortsfrågor) was a piece of cake for me. I passed it from the first attempt. Then I went to pass driving. I was very nervous. My body was trembling with fear wen I was waiting for my turn. When I sat into car I relaxed a little, because I understood, that I can drive well and there is nothing to be afraid of. Driving part was also passed successfully. I was just one last step far from my körkort. It was Risk 2 exam, which tests ability to drive into inclement weather. I was driving on ice and suddenly I needed to make turn. I pushed brake pedal and car started rotating. Oh my God, I was so scared! Then I was asked to go that route again and pass that unlucky turn. Fortunately I did everything correctly and turned without rotating. Yohoooo! I got my körkort!

12 Nov 2012