Safe driving tipsSafe driving as discussed is very important for everybody. According to UK statistics every 18 seconds someone is involved in an auto accident and every 11 minutes someone dies. Therefore we here provide some tips which probably (we hope) could enhance your safe driving skills and traffic knowledge as well as your safety on the road.

1. Be attentive at intersections, it is a danger zone because there are a lot of distractions, for example, turning cars, pedestrians and red-light runners.

2.Steer clear of erratic and aggressive drivers. Let them pass you.

3. Keep your eyes on the road. Talking on a cell phone, eating or reading a map can disturb you and lead to an accident. Don’t forget that also driver next to you can be disturbed by reading a map or texting.

4. Be cautious near parked vehicles. Someone could open a door or start to drive unexpectedly.

5. Don’t drive when you are tired or want to sleep. Better stop the vehicle and take some rest and drink coffee. Remember that sleep is a biological need.

6. When passing another car, get past the driver’s blind spot as fast and safe as possible.

7. Know your vehicle’s brakes. Most of vehicles have anti-lock brakes. In this case driver need to press the pedal firmly and continuously.

8. If you should drive in windy or even stormy weather, very carefully observe distance between you and the vehicle ahead. It is even recommended to enhance distance in comparison to normal weather conditions.

9. If it is possible do not drive through water because water can disable your vehicle’s motor in a few seconds. If it is not possible to avoid driving in water, do it at small speed (the second speed if driving manual car) and drive very slowly and carefully to escape spatter.

10. Observe Highway Code. For example, don’t forget so basic things as seat belt and door locking.

15 Nov 2010