You have bought invoicing software. As it is advised you have chosen the simplest one. I did exactly the same. And now I feel that it is not enough with just basic options. I decided to upgrade my software. And I can tell you about all that useful and unnecessary features, which invoicing software provide.

I started my upgrade with buying inventory module for my software. Maybe you will not need it, but I have to manage warehouse, so electronic inventory is the only proper solution for me. I can conclude that inventory module cooperates with the invoicing software very good. All products are synchronized, so all the changes I discover while making inventory immediately appear in the software. When I make an invoice I can see how many products I have in stock. So if you make inventory regularly and it is hard to manage it manually, then don’t think and buy inventory module.

One interesting and actually necessary feature for improving cash flow is reminders. Reminders are aimed at customers that don’t pay in time or don’t pay at all. Invoicing software helps you to deal with this problem. You can set the period of time when reminder will be sent out automatically. If customer doesn’t pay after receiving a reminder, he will receive another reminder after some time. As I noticed this actually helps.

Besides reminders, invoicing software provides features such as credit notes and offers (estimates). These are just variation of the invoice. Credit note is an invoice with the minus sign. And offer could be sent to a customer as a potential order. If customer will approve that offer, it could be converted to an invoice right in the invoicing software.

Invoicing software usually provide nice invoice templates. But sometimes templates don’t meet all you requirements. There is a solution of the problem – some invoicing programs offer you to customize templates by yourself.

This feature will be topical for everyone who wants to analyze the work of the company. Find software that will create financial, sales or inventory reports. Reports look good and graphically show you how you are doing. You can notice some bad trends and improve the situation timely.

Invoicing software cares about your mood and provides different skins also. It is totally unnecessary feature, but it relaxes you during the working day. Now you see different way to improve your program. Choose something you want to try and get it right now!

10 Aug 2012